Thursday, February 8

A town called Sufferville

The translation of Lidköping. That is where I'm spending my Valentines Day, at a funeral. Not staying at Lackö hotel this time. Got a better deal from another hotel. It's was very nice there though, highly recommended.  Can't stay in my uncles cabin either until it has been cleaned, cleared from rats and some sort of shower installed. In the summer one can shower outdoors, but not now.  It would be great to build an outhouse with sauna, shower, a proper bathroom and laundry. Wonder how much that would cost? Been thinking about that for years. I really hope I can keep the property and create an artistic refuge, a place of solace from the hectic city life. But we don't know yet, too early to speculate, but one can always dream. I want to make the attic into a livingroom and bedroom. Now it's pretty raw and needs insulation and proper floors and stuff. It would also be better to move the stairs to the current livingroom instead of as it is now, outside the toilet. The cabin, or croft actually is from the 1800's, so I don't want to ruin the cultural value by totally reconstructing it, but some sort of renovation is due. I painted the kitchen and hallway walls some years ago, and the ceiling in kitchen too. I varnished the hallway floor overnight, but it didn't dry as fast as expected and people walked all over it in the morning. So many happy memories from that place. My grandfather, grandmother, grandmothers brother, my dad, my uncle and myself all have walked around there. They say my grandfather is haunting the place. People have seen a man in a white shirt walking around the house at night. It could of course also has been a lost neighbour.

In another dimension:

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