Wednesday, January 24

The view of life

While visiting my uncle at the hospital it is inevitable to converse with the staff. Today I had a conversation with a woman who I think was a specialist in anesthesia. Not sure about this, but she was a specialist anyway. She informed me that there is a shortage of staff and particularly specialist staff during the night shift. To which I replied that it is due to faulty prioritizing in the budgeting. That it's not until the polticians themselves end up in the hospital that they realize this. Her reply to this made me think. She said: Thinking how many politicians there are they should have realized by now. So this has been lingering in the back of my head during the evening and I finally came to the conclusion that this notion reflect the governmental/authoritarian view of life value. Also when speaking with the doctors I have gotten this view confirmed. As in questioning life quality and when life is only a matter of prolonging suffering. By this view of life as presented by the government through the budgeting and reflected by the medical staff life as such is not worth saving at all times. It also questions the value of life of the sick and disabled. According to this terminology the life of the sick and disabled are then worth less than the life of healthy people in the view of government and society if we assume that the government reflects a democratic society. Which is hard to determine, but according to its policy it should. Bascially it boils down to how humanity values itself.  We are still stuck in the darwinian ideology of the survival of the fittest. This view undermines the recovery of patients in the hospital and otherwise depending on medical care. If the priority of their survival is questioned, then how can they themselves keep up the so important life spirit and will to live? This could in turn be a cause to why sick people hesitate or even refuse to seek help when needed. That they either don't want to be a burden to society or out of fear for their lesser lives.

Just some thoughts.

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