Saturday, January 27


I'm sorry to announce another death in my family. My uncle passed away yesterday, same day as my dad passes away seven years ago and one day after my grandmother passed away the day before six years ago. I already posted about their dates earlier. On my birthday my uncle had suffered a heart attack and was found lying in a ditch unable to get up. A neighbour helped him home and put him in his armchair in the livingroom, called and ambulance and left.  When the ambulance came they found him lying on his tummy on the kitchen floor.

He regained consciousness at the hospital. When they examined him they discovered that his kidneys were also in a very bad shape and that he was suffering from pneumonia. In order for him to recover better, they anesthetisized him and put him in a respirator. When they took away the anesthesia he did not wake up again, so they scanned his brain, twice. The first scan didn't show anything abnormal, everything looked fine. They continued giving him dialysis for the kidneys and antibiotics for the pneumonia. The heart was very weak and they said he would not survive an additional heart attack. Yesterday they took him to another hospital for a tomography of the brain which showed that he had suffered a double-sided cerebral infarction. In the ambulance back his heart started to slow down and finally stopped.

At the same moment his heart stopped the train I was sitting on stopped, on request from the Rescue Service, who we were informed had spotted some kind of strange formation on the tracks. This is what we were told. I was watching Doctor Who on Netflix. An hour later I got a call from the hospital who told me of his passing.

He was never conscious when I was in the hopsital, but I still talked to him a lot. You know that the hearing is the last thing to go, so I counted on that he heard me somehow. And I held his hand. I went out to his cabin and dropped a bag of sunflower seeds on the floor which will probably serve as food for the rats, or maybe grow indoors. I should have swept them out, but I didn't want to keep his old colleagues waiting, who were so helpful and drove me all they way out there.

I went down there and helped him clean up two summers and before that my grandmother did it. We talked on the phone a few times per years. He was a bit of a loner, like me in that aspect. Well, my grandmother got her boys back, both of them, on the same day, the day after her. Not really, since my dad died a year before her, but a day after. Not sure you understand the chronology of this, but you don't have to. It is just strange how everything is connected.

Now I have to tend to his funeral. Maybe it will be Valentines Day again, as with dad and grandmother. We'll see what date is available at what church. He worked as a church janitor and gardener, so probably in that church.  Maybe I will sing too. The thing is, he loved Carola. According to him she is the best singer in the world (no offense, right?). Carola is a Swedish singer who won the Eurovision once, I think. Or was it just the Swedish one? Not sure. Anyway, I should probably sing one of her songs then, unless she herself wants to do it.

Rest in piece, uncle.

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