Tuesday, January 30

Planning a funeral

So many things to consider. What type of coffin, flowers, hymns, date, chapel, obituary and location for post funeral fika ( if you don't know the term fika google #swedishfika). I have already arranged two funerals: my dads and my grandmothers. But things are a bit different now. I would like do to it the same way as theirs, with a white coffin on Valentines Day. I have already booked a chapel for the funeral, the smallest one in the cemetary where he worked. I don't expect many people to attend considering how private he was. There is however a bigger chapel on the premisses that is also available. It's nicer too, with more decorations. The smaller one has couches though and is supposed to be free of religious symbolism. I dont' really know how religious he was. maybe he was a little bit. We didn't really discuss that. We did discuss the afterlife though, but not from a religious point of view. Anyway, the smaller chapel doesn't have an organ either, only a piano.So we have the cosy chapel with only a piano and plain concrete walls and the churchy chapel with a big cross above the coffin. Choice of chapel is not a cost thing, since it's free if you are a member of the church ( I suppose that is the reason it's free). It's more considering who will be there and what environment they will enjoy the most. There is more to look at in the bigger chapel and the organ..but no couches. I already decided on the white coffin, but I'm having second thoughts since I'm thinking more environmental friendly now than I did before. So perhaps I will change this to the plain coffin with a shroud instead. It looks nice with the shroud over the coffin and it's not using up precious wood that will only burn. Wonder if they actually burn all the nice freshly made coffins or if there's a coffin black market with coffin gangster lurking around crematories trying to bribe the personell to remove the corpse and sell them the empty coffin that they then recycle. That could be a reality somewhere in the world, but think about the worms. They must then clean the coffin from worms.  Well, thoughts wondering off. Wonder what flowers he liked the best. Must check with his old colleagues, they should know.

He talked a lot and had a peculiar habit of repeating the same sentence twice.

Sorry, I forgot. I have arranged three funerals, also Andreas my ex boyfriends back in 2005.

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