Wednesday, January 24

On the road again

In a city called Lidköping. I'm visiting my uncle who is in the hospital. First I accidentally took the wrong train, to Linköping, which was a three hour detour. Staying at a one hundred years old hotel filled with antiques. I like old stuff, so it suits me well. Don't like the full carpeting though, nasty germs live in them. Only been in this town during summer before and not so much in the city, but out on the countryside. So it's a bit weird to see the same place in a completely different context. The memories come back, of when we went to the marketplace and I bought a pair of black lacquer shoes and when they asked for my id at the liquor store when I was 40. And when we won 17 000 sek on drive in bingo, which we split on four: me, dad, grandmother and my uncle.  My grandmother and dad loved it here as well, it was their regular summer vacation spot.

Hope you are well and take care of your loved ones. 

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