Friday, January 5

New artwork

I started this aquarelle last year, before I went to Africa, and only had time, or took the time, to finish it yesterday.  The body has twisted proportions because I drew it with the paper lying down on the table, so if you tilt the image from that angle, perhaps 45 degrees , it looks normal. Then again, it made the image more interesting. She looks a bit like a gorilla, with the long muscular  arms and the big head.  I decided to call it "Green Infrastructure", because it's what's on my mind right now, and the image fits the title, as in representing the human attempt to integrate with nature. The nature is here represented by the organic structures on the architectural structures. Green vision, the Earth, countries, beauty ideals, feminism, strenght...

It will soon be up on RedBubble as prints. :)

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