Thursday, January 11


A Thomas Jane imposter started sending me messages on Twitter. He/she/it was claiming to be the real one. I checked the profile and discovered it was fake immediately, but it was an exact copy of the original. I engaged in the messaging out of curiosity, thinking it might be him, cowardly hiding behind fakeness. Since it's not an unusual behavior among men. Reading the messages and the questions the imposter was posing it became clear it was not the real McCoy. For example, TJ would never ask me where I'm from, or call me a fan. The use of language was also way out of style. The imposter even became angry and threatening when I refused to believe the scam, saying that he/she/it created the profile to be able to talk privately. But why create an exact copy of an official account, add me publicly and then say, please don't tell anyone about this account.  Then the imposter said  "I can't easily believe I also have a fan like you", which sort of caught my attention, because that is exactly the same use of words and syntax that is significant for Taylor Swift. You know I don't like you Taylor, why can't you just accept this?

This is the fake account.

This is the real McCoy.
It is of course confusing on internet, he liked this:
If you follow TJ and keep track of his likes, this could be a point of reference. As in HIM, which means the imposter can also be Ville Valo, who's had a crush on me since eons ago but never gotten any further with it other than puppeteering out in the cold Chicago winter.

Graph of Blogger page views
Still have no clue what happened in June though.
Just another point of reference.

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