Tuesday, January 16

I was born at 8pm.

Or 20.00 as we say in Sweden. 48 years ago in this town Gävle, that I'm living in now. I haven't always lived here though. I was shuffled up to Luleå at age 4, then I moved to Stockholm at age 26, then back to Luleå at age 32, then to Gävle at age 40. Which means I have only been a resident in 3 cities, so far. Both my parents were born in 1948 and I'm in 1970, so this year they turn 70 and I 48. Well, just my mother actually, since my dad is dead. 10 days from now he has been dead for 7 years. 9 days from now my grandmother has been dead for 6 years. 8 days from now my upper left wisdomtooth was pulled out by a crazy dentist 4 year ago. 7 days from now 9 years ago a horrible massmurder took place in Belgium. On this day 9 years ago a poor old woman was murdered by the same person. January is a bad month. People are justified in calling it JanuWorry. I like Veganuary though, the no killing policy should also cover humans. Stay safe.

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