Thursday, December 21

Taxi conversation

I had ordered a cab from the airport, but it didn't show up so I took one of the waiting ones who stood there instead. They had made up this mock-up company in the app that suggested a cheaper fixed price, which actually is more expensive than the taxameter tax ( which is played out as the uncertainty factor that makes you chose the fixed price option) to create the illusion of bargain. Well, this taxidriver was a good conversationist who I got the impression made up stories. It was the fact that he could not cite a source of reference to his wild theories about the climage changes stemming from something coming from outer space. Maybe to introduce the topic of space or to just randomly babble for his own amusement. I tried to contribute to the conversation with scientifically related arguments, which brought in the topic of studies. He knew someone who had married a woman from South Africa and lived in Johannesburg for six months, but had to move back to Sweden. Because he missed his beloved city of Gotherburg, the taxi driver assumed, who himself also was from Gotherburg. Perhaps people from Gotherburg share a particular love for their hometown. Then we talked about temperatures and remembering instances where there had been below - 40 C. When I was a kid, I said, but I think it might have been more times than that.He had went for pizza in Boden, a neighbouring city a day when it was - 38 C. He also had some strange theory about who discovered America, apparently som Norwegian viking named Leif. It's quite a long ride from the airport, a lot of topics to cover to avoid an awkward silence. I picked up the habit of engaging in small talk with the taxidrivers in South Africa, because it could be your life depending on it. Meaning they drove like maniacs and often in the wrong direction if not properly puppeteered. I wonder if any research has been done about the addictiveness of electric light and what it could mean for the future of humanity. It could be a good thing, since electricity is the only light we would have to depend upon during longer periods in space. I also wonder where I sign up for a field trip to ISS, or possibly Mars. I think I'll settle for ISS. Unless space travel technology advances really fast. No matter what the local newspaper is trying to insinuate, I'm not the young woman scamming people online and sobbing when confronted. I do have red nails though and a sharp profile. My new coat is also very sassy. I look young too, for my age. I am less than 25 months away from 50. I can't believe it myself. How long will the modern human live? I have a beef with the local newspaper since soon 8 years back, when they wrote a fake article about me. Which I tried to sue them for, but it fell on some formality and I couln't afford to hire a lawyer. Anyway, that's in the past. Allthough I outed their misogynist power structure in my bachelors essay this year. A good reply is worth waiting for. The #metoo movement must be completely silenced up here, in macholand. Wonder what happened to the chinese scientist that was going up to Abisko after CTE? We were a bit worried she didn't know what she was getting herself into, not enough clothes by far. I told her it was the wilderness, no civilization, electricity or running water. For a few seconds she believed me. I also have to check back with the Brittish lawn-artists. They create these maybe Edward Scissorhand inspired installations where they cover whole buildings in grass and develop photos on grass canvases. We disucssed the fungi that has been discovered to break down the plastic molecule.

Good night from the North Pole. 

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