Saturday, December 30

Goodbye to the old

And welcome the new. Might as well do a new years post right now, because I will be busy. Not saying we should say goodbye to old people in general, they might take offense, but as a metaphor for letting things that does not serve us anymore go. That however implies we must at all times be served. It's perhaps more of a jolly salute to the future, to embrace changes. I wish all my readers a very happy new year! Stay biodegradable. There's a service perhaps most of you already heard of, where you can transform your corpse into a diamond. I was thinking that what if it becomes a common procedure, it would be an ultimate sign of the artificial part of the antropocene. Not to mention how pretty the graveyards would become, sparkling like snow in the streetlights.

I had such a wonderful year, could not have wished for any better, I challange 2018 to top that. 😘

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