Saturday, November 18

Reverse psychology or abuse?

- I'm so glad you finally have found yourself. You have been surrounded by strong people all your life that has prevented you from becoming who you are. I was the worst.

I think this little snippet says it all. Yes, you are weak, thank you for admitting that. Strong people do not oppress, abuse and hinder others from their pursuits. I have always been myself and I have always worked hard for what I want. I'm not more or less myself now than before. I had to leave all these weak people behind because they were dragging me down, wanting me to stay put in the safeness of their constructed haven of misery. Sometimes you make choices to care about other peoples needs more than your own, that is not weakness, that does not mean the other person is stronger than you. It means they needed your help and you were able to offer it, even though their intent was deceptive and abusive. That's how strong I am, bitch.

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