Tuesday, November 14


I am personally offended and feel sexually harrassed by this video. 😱

I support the #metoo campaign and do not think this has gone too far, as many fearful minds are expressing right now. We should never submit to fear, especially the fear of what others think.
The misogynist culture on the planet is hopefully seeing its last days of light. They say not to speak unless in a court of law, that women are not allowed to tell their stories. This is just another form of oppression to silence the victims. Everybody who has ever been assaulted, harrassed or raped and has reported this to the police knows that it's a dead end unless you are either extremely rich and already have a lawyer or extremely lucky.  This video, however burlesque and intriguing in many ways, symbolizes the misogynist culture in Hollywood as well as in the entire world. Women are portrayed as naked sexual objects and nothing else. You disgust me! Shame on you Brian and John! You are not welcome anymore.

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