Thursday, November 23

I have nothing to say

Just working my ass off as usual. Not literary though, but literary. There is no way around this I see.
Commuting is very tiresome. Train, train, train. Yes, I should train, at the gym. But I must write, present, transcribe, engage in group efforts. They are very group-oriented at the Swedish Agricultural University. They have the veterinary education at the facilities as well. All new buildings, modern design and many windows so you can see right into the lecture rooms and the laboratories. I like peeking into the laboratories, Wonder what they are doing there? If they keep animals somewhere and if I can pet them. Because if they do keep animals there for research or educational purposes, they are probably sad. It's a bit misleading with me studyig at anything with agriculture in the name. I have absolutely no aspirations of becoming a farmer, but it's environmental communication and management. The management part could possibly include topics related to agricultural or even biological concerns. I have discovered it could be beneficial to at least have some basic knowledge about flora and fauna. I have a book about herbs given to me by my grandmother. She also used to tease me and say that I should apply to the  datingshow Farmer seeks wife, so I could find the real James Bond. In Swedish farmer is bonde, so it's a pronouncial pun, also with James. Basically James Bond becomes Meowing Farmer, or Yes Pussy Farmer. Not pussy in the feline of vaginal sense, but mes as in pansy.

Ok, now I've said enough.

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