Monday, September 25

Hello readers

You know I like to confide in you at times. About love matters. I'm not going to do that anymore. I have discovered that showing no initiative whatsoever seems to be what works best. This blogpost is constructed to say just that and should in no way resemblence any form of initiative by itself.

It's just the idea of being completely alone in all that vast emotion that makes you think that if anybody else would enter that vastness they would probably die before even reaching the outer realms. So there's a small timeframe. It would be nice if he sort of shouted that I love you back while struggling, so I at least heard that.  I'm losing my hearing anyway, so just any type of mumbling could be interpreted as a declaration of love.

I have so fallen in love with this band too.
They are coming out with a new album soon. I know that because I started stalking them. But I won't fall into the fangirl marketing trap again. Too many times I have fallen for that. He's cute though. Reminds me of someone. He's probably got a new girlfriend now anyway.

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