Monday, September 11

911 and synchronicity

It's that day again. When the twin towers fell.  I still remember the day, watching it live on tv when the second plane hit. There are a lot of twin connotation surrounding my present too. I made friends with a pair of identical twins here in South Africa for example. Twin Peaks has showed its final episode and I sincerely hope there will be more.  Twin Peaks always reminds me of Andreas ( my dead ex boyfriend). When the film 'Fire walk with me' came out we went to see it and then listened to the soundtrack when we had sex on the floor in bookstore where we both worked at the time. They called us the Duponts ( Thompson Twins from Tintin), we looked alike because we dressed similar and had short black hair. I guess you become a little like the people you are surrounded with. Before he passed away he had long distance relationship with a woman living in Trinidad and Tobago, also refered to as the twin islands. My bachelors essay on ecofeminism also contained a lot of seemingly random and unsuspected twin elements.

But, it doesn't have to mean anything. Just because sychronicity exists and is noticed the meaning interpreted, if there is a desire to inflict meaning, is subjective and I would say private too, but who know, that's just one theory of how to view life.

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