Tuesday, August 15

Funny anecdote

After a month in South Africa a lot has happened, but so far everything has been running smoothly with no major mishaps. Until yesterday. I was at drama practice on campus until 8 pm and was going to take an Uber ( taxi) home. When the class was about to finish I ordered the Uber and hasted to the gates. I waited there for about half an hour, but no Uber showed up. I tried ordering another one, but since I was out of data on my phone and wasn't in range for the campus wifi, I had to go in again. The battery was also running low, but I thought I could make it before the phone died. I walked around campus trying to find the hotspot, but with no luck, maybe it was because of the low battery that it didn't want to connect again. Ok, the phone was out. I was stranded on campus and could not call an Uber or anybody else to pick me up. I knew I could take the shuttle-bus that goes between the campuses and get off at KFC just by the intersection. That is approximately a 50 meters walk from where I live. I went to the busstop. There were so many people there, so many busses and it had gone dark since many hours already. I didn't know which bus to take, so I asked at least three people on the busstop:
- Do you know which bus that goes to Westville?
All answered:
- I don't know.
I asked at least four busdrivers if this was the bus to Westville? All answered no. One said:
- It's a white bus.
So I waited for the white bus. In quiet despair. What if the white bus never shows up? What if the white bus is a metaphore for the retroactive backlask from the apartheid regime? Anyway. I embraced the moment and just stood there and waited. They will come looking for me, I thought. I even visualized how they drove to the gates, got out of the car and walked around campus looking for me.  I was at the university campus, surrounded by intelligent people, so what could possibly happen? One of the women I had asked about the busses earlier came running towards me:
- The bus to Westville leaves at 8.30!
She had found out and came to tell me.  I knew that already, since I had the bus times saved on my phone. It was still very nice of her. I just didn't know which bus it was. It will show up, I though. The white bus. I spotted a pink fluffy jacket in the crowd. One of the girls from drama class.  I explained my predicament to her and she offered to help. We went to a reading room on campus where I could recharge my phone and call for another Uber. It was pure luck that someone had an adapter for my Swedish plug. She told me:
- You must never walk alone at night. Last year there were these horrible kidnappings where they took women and children and harvested their organs. There's a huge black market for organs, they get a lot of money for that. They haven't done it in a while though, probably hiding now, but they might start again. Promise me, to never walk alone again.
- Ok, I promise.
Will be tricky for introverted me to find someone to walk with at all times though, especially since I really enjoy walking by myself.  I must remind myself that she was from drama class and therefore prone to exaggeration and drama.  When I got home I got scoulded by 'mom and dad' and basically got grounded too, at age 47. Made me feel like a young teenager again. All on the plus side. Well, you should have seen the farse at the busses, it was a real 'buskis' , as we say in Sweden. Today I overheard a few laughs at campus, so either that or something else is very funny. You never know what type of rumors that can begin from practially nothing.

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