Sunday, June 4

Still baffled

By these strange statistics. It's been the same for days now, approximately 5000 visitors per day from US using Linux.  Is it the government? Have they found out that I am the new world leader? That can't be possible since I hide it so well. Hm,I like mysteries though. Just went up to pour myself a cup of tea and hit my toe in the door seal. Leto? I'm pretty sure it's automatically generated because nobody says anything. But then again, I'm used to the silent treatment. People seem to think it's how I communicate and I haven't really bothered to correct them. The conversations I have with them in my mind are much more interesting than the actual words spoken at a hypothetical spoken conversation anyway. Sometimes people surprise you though and say stuff you never thought they would. Me and a friend went out and got terribly drunk on Friday, which was a mindcleansing experience. Two younglings tagged along from the bar, but luckily my friend was sober enough to realize it was a bad idea before it was too late. Halfway to my apartment she's like:
-I think I'm going to head home instead.
And I'm like:
- Yes, I don't want any of them anyway.
And they guys like:
- Whatev...
My memories from the bar are blurry, like the pictures. Was he there? The one?

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