Wednesday, June 14


It's Batman with his phallus, or a gun. Could be a random monolith behind the cat too. 

It got published today, so yay! ✌

A word has fallen off the english abstract on the presentation page during the publication process, but I suppose that will be fixed soon enough. It's supposed to be "specificity feminism" 

Conclusions: This essay indicate that the repression remains and becomes evident in the relationship between Swedish press and ecofeminism. Ecofeminism is expressed as difficult for the public and is often confused with feminism in what appears to be a strategic goal of repression by means of disinformation

The word is included in the english abstract within the essay, but maybe the handler didn't understand it and removed it, or maybe it was aliens that abducted her brain and replaced it with a dysfunctional lingobot.  We don't know.

Ir could be that specificity feminism is actually gender essentialism. When I searched for the english equivalent for the type of feminism that considers biological differences as essential then specificity feminism was the expression that I found. Perhaps there are two labels? Or maybe specificity feminism is totally wrong and is the actual lingobot malfunction. We don't know.

But, if it's wrong then others are wrong too in using the term.

What can I say? I'm Swedish. The essay is in Swedish and I'm pretty sure all the words are correct within the premisses of the Swedish language.

I need chocolate now.

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