Friday, June 30

Gossip time?

I dont't know. There's really nothing to gossip about. There is my for many years ongoing flirt with Ibrahimovic, but you know, he's got a 'partner'. Then there's Jane, but was the divorce from Arquette a scam or not? There are of course a bunch of locals who's either too intimidated to talk to me or chose to assault me because I have rejected them ( there's one sick piece of shit that thought pulling out my hair by the roots was a good idea).There are those who actually try in a good way too, by being respectful and all. Then there's Katy Perry, who thinks she owns the rights to KP ( which stands for Kosmonaut Planemo and nothing else) , plus she's seems pretty obessed too, by all they 'eyes' everywhere on her last PR drive. "It is I", see? Katy, come on. If you want me that bad, come over here babe, I can do you .Justin Bieber went biking in my old neighbourhood in northern Sweden a few weeks ago, so maybe...wait a minute. Justin Bieber? Hey, I'm 47 in case you didn't know. Maybe he's flirting with some other Swede. Not that age matter, it really doesn't. I have crushes on and in all ages. There are those who go way back from many years ago, and those seen it town today. But let me be clear here, after five glasses of wine on a Friday night, none of you are nothing unless you show up here and now today.  That's how it is being superfamous and supercool. It's very lonely at the top. Luckily I cincerely do enjoy my own company. Well, who else is there ( those who already have a gf/bf/partner doesn't count) ? Who cares?  I'm going down to Southafrica to have the time of my life! For three months! It's one and half week away and I still can't believe it and really can't wait either. I'm beyond superexcited. Southafrica!! It's on the other side of the planet, literally. I will first fly to Qatar and change flight from Doha to Durban. The route will take approximately 20 hours. It's  a long way to go. A long way from home. But home is wherever your heart is and I'm taking that with me, it's sort of attached to my body, no real choice available there. Well, if you have ever considered donating money to science this is the time. I'm science and I need your money, yes your money exactly.  Your money will contribute to science by allowing me to practice it by continuing my studies within the field of media and communication. This time I'm going down to Southafrica to study research methodology and global communication. I will also get in touch with environmental organisations down there to investigate how they work and what could improve their work. Maybe Leonardo is my guy? We' ve already met on Oprah 2006, remember that Leo, with Djimon Hounsou? 

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