Friday, June 9

And it started again.

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What strange figure is hididng behind the cat?

Had a graduationceremoni at the university today, after three years of media-and communication science studies. The actual education is called The Informerprogram. But it's not informer in the snithcy way, but in a informative way. They have changed the name of program to The Communcationsprogram, so we were the last class to graduate from this specific program. I'm heistant to jubilate until I have the actual paper, the certificate of the bachelors exam.I should have it by next month it seems, or earlier. I need it for my further studies. What those involve I will keep a secret for a while. Some of the other fellow bachelors had their families present at the ceremony, but I hadn't informed anyone at all about it, so nobody was there. I had been too busy with the final exam that I had completely forgotten about the ceremony until last night.

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