Thursday, May 18

Last haul

It's going to hell. I'm losing my mind. No, not now. Must stay focused. Must do the work.
Talking about the final essay of course. Final for this course, of course. Do you have a horse?
Maybe I should start speaking in morse? Things could not get any worse.

Well, as I wrote on Twitter few minutes ago. I have noticed that every time I add someone to my 'Hotties' list they stop posting. Do they block me from seeing future posts, but I can still se the old ones? Is that a function on Twitter? Or do they actually stop posting?  Can someone check this out? Because if they have blocked me I can't.

But most likely they are petrified that I have given them this priviledged position, that they are rendered hotties, by glorificus me.  They can't handle it. The pressure is too much. They don't believe that an extreme hottie like myself would ever give them any attention and this must surely be a hoax.

We can test this. Name a celebrity you want to stop posting and I will add them to my 'Hotties' list on Twitter. Then we will see if they all follow the same pattern. There are always rebels out there, those who refuse to conform. I want to sort them out. For snacks.

Now I get it,  they freeze.

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