Friday, April 7

The attack in Stockholm

It's National Beer Day, in America. ( related tweets from The Expanse: Miller, my flirt with etc) The truck ( my alleged halfsister is a truckdriver) was from Spendrups. I spent not a lot, but some money on a shoppingspree today, unknowingly this happened at the same time just a few miles away. I bought a jacket, a hat, panties, whine and returned a belt for a smaller size. When I got home someone had placed an empty bottle of Tegnér & Son outside my door. My favourite liqueur too. The swedish word for liqueur is 'likör' where 'lik' means 'corpse'  or 'similar' and 'kör' means 'drive' or 'choir'. I was once in a choir.  In 1999 I worked at the attacked building and I was in Stockholm last weekend. It's my mother's namesday. Irmelin actually measn Irmeli's, in Finnish then I'm Irmelin tytär ( daughter). 

Those are the interpellations (personal connotations ) so far. I wonder if the police have thought this far, or this narrow.  The perpetrator could be one of my obsessed stalkers, they should, for the safety of all, take all the stalkers in for questioning. I for one would be very thankful. 

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