Tuesday, April 4


I made a joke about someone's cooking skills and the person blocked me. Some people are very sensitive about their cooking skills. Perhaps there were other reasons too, what do I know? Slander, most likely. People love to talk behind my back. I don't care. Well, I do care. It's very annoying and causes unecessary problems. Which of course is the purpose for the slander in the first place. Anyway, this got me thinking about just cooking and dinners. Since my main field of study are the codes we use in communication, what codes are there in food? If we for example get a visitor we don't like and want to tell them that in a 'polite' way, we could use food to do so by serving something dull, disgusting or very badly cooked. Or put up pictures on social media of food that we know have particular connotations for certain people. It could be hints of who the unwelcome guest was for example, by using food significant from that persons hometown, or food that gives away someones astrological sign, or in some other way describes the somewhat dry relationship between two people. People can use food as warnings, flirtations or as any other type of communicated message. It's all about serving it right to the thought receiver to get the message across. 

Well, I'm sneezing here, got the flu from mingling incessantly at a new age fair. Yes, they actually still exist! I thought this crowd had gone hiding after the 90's, but they are still up and going with their horribe tinnitus invoking tibetan bowls. The we have the elevator being repaired with drilling sessions all day and neighbours joining in on the drilling just to annoy me even more. 

What's wrong with people? 

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