Saturday, April 29


I went to buy some new lipgloss on Thursday. I looked at a few samples and decided for the metallic pink. I saleswoman walked by and said:
- Yes, that's one for you.
With a firm decisive voice.
Ok, I thought, that eased my burden of choice, and headed for the pay desk. There they of course have this membership card, as does every other store and facility. I have limited my number of carry-on cards to three, the maximum amount that fits my phone case. This store's card is not one of the selected.  Well, the saleswoman asked anyway:
- Are you a member?
Since this is a storechain I used to work for before, I assumed I was a member, but knew I hadn't the card with me and since I don't shop there very often ( usually just make-up actually, because they have a fairly big cosmetic department), and the memberhsip could have expired,  I mumbled:
- I don't think so, I don't know.
- Ok.
Then I remembered the points and discounts I could possibly miss out on if I didn't react fast:
- But wait, is it by social security number? You can check, maybe I'm still a member.
Most stores have added this feature for the costumers that refuse to carry all the cards with them.
- Yes, ok, what's your number then?
I said my numbers.
- Yes, it actually looks like you are a member. Unfortunately.
She actually said that. Unfortunately.
Then when I got home and tried on the new lipgloss I discovered why the hating bitch wanted me to buy that particular one, because it dried out the lips completey and made me discover wrinkles I didn't knew I had. Now, a whole day after, my lips still feel dry after using it. Or, is wrinkly lips the new thing? Unfortunately. And. There was a sale on the website for better lipglosses and she withheld that information. Maybe she had a bad day, but she looked crazy. Obsessed crazy, eyes all wild and smile too big for her face. Just like haters look when they try too hard to cover it up. No makeup can help you there. Well, what reasons could she have to hate me? Let's be reasonable here. I really don't know.

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