Sunday, April 9

Hung over

Not so bad though, could have been worse. I should stop partying. I say a lot of stuff, talk all the time. I think it's an occupational injury from working with telemarketing and on a  tarot line where you often must repeat the same information in different ways. Add alcohol to that and there is no stopping the serial babbling. I'm not a serial babbler normally, very quiet most of the time actually, but one also has more social periods. I fell with the bike, while standing, and hit my cheek to the ground. Tried to get up on the bike perhaps twice, but discovered pretty fast that I was way too drunk to manage the vehicle. Now I got a red mark on the cheek.  Headache too, slight nausea and anxiety. From not really remembering everything and from remembering something. It was a hat-party, that I remember. We had fun and I ate a hotdog on the way home. Then that crazy Russian started calling.

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