Wednesday, March 8

There's a lot of Millers out there.

How much does Thomas Jane want to get back together with Patricia Arquette, that is the question. He married and impregnated her. All that effort, and then..nothing? Was she a mock-up? She played the role of a medium, while I'm the real deal. I work as a medium anyway. Really not claiming anything for real, but you already know that based on prior research regrading my general worldview. If not, you haven't studied enough or lack the capacity to understand. It changes all the time, because the world changes all the time. Anyway, Arquette held some Oscar speech in 2015 that was mentioned today on International Women's Day( I should start podding again, this would be much easier to talk about than write ) on Instagram. Along with a headshot by some photographer named Miller. This was from 2015, did Jane then pick the name of the character ( in The Expanse) or was the character already named Miller and that's why he took it? A bit far fetched even for my standards, because there are a lot of Millers out there. In media- and communicationscience we have already stumbled upon both Katherine and Daniel Miller. Or was the photo more recent and Arquette picked the photographer based on that name. So, there might be some emotional unavailability there one could suspect.

Then I have to say, regarding the Oscars. You're all pathetic. Nobody cares. We don't salute your excuse for playing around all day. You only have this award to pass it among eachother in order to justify wasting your life on something totally meaningless as acting. The greatest actors are not on the screen, they are the psychopaths you meet in everyday life.

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