Tuesday, March 7

The evening chatty

Before you enter a new relationship several aspects must be considered. Follow your heart, that's number one, the given. Stretch and shrimp it and try its powers until you feel ready to ..I don't know, merge? Give up? And the same goes with the intellectual part, it must be an indication of a somewhat nourishing continuance. The physical parts must also fit. 

So, it takes some time to get to know me. A part of that process is sharing, or having "the talk" about prior relationships and their mening in one's life. It's boring but necessary in order to make a fair judgement of the emotional availability.  I'm really not interested in any of your exes. They can fulfill the purpose of funny anecdotes, if told right. 

I have long-, short- and ongoing relationships to give account for. Let's start with the ongoing. Loose people hanging around the house occasionally and sometimes under suspicious circumstances. Trying to tell it right here. Mostly I loof around in my jammies by myself. 

I have one girlfriend in Poland (who is too shy really) and then I have started or at least tasted a local fatty. Then I have these fuckboys who if they are hot could be accepted, but only if they are obedient slaves and do whatever I tell them to do and not to do. So, they flee at first, because who would like to be trapped in that nightmare scenario? They/we all want freedom. But, this is the paradigm for fuckboys, and girls. 

There is one fuckboy that has lasted for many years, but never left the fuckboy paradigm. One could think that after years of fucking, and I have really been fucking with this guy in every possible aspect, there could be chance of advancement. That is his hope. I keep looking around for better, openly, and I've told him to find someone else several times. I don't know what went wrong there. It was wrong from the start. I refused to kiss him on the dancefloor because I had red lipstick and didn't want it smeared all over my face. After that, he never kissed me again. 

He's very boring. All he thinks about is work, working out, women and food. He likes to watch Idol and his favourite movie is Avatar. His home is always perfectly clean and organized. Last time I was there he had filled the entire fridge with soft drinks, there was nothing else in there, only big bottles of soft drinks in all possible colors. He has also created an altar at my painting: The Joker ( that he has borrowed). I suspect he prays to it. He has started to look like a crackwhore pimp. Stressed out. He works too much. Always afraid of getting caught. Lurking around with some ulterior motives of some sort. Very fast to jump to conclusions. I hope you understand the root of the conflict? He's a fuckboy with the same status as a Polish girlfriend and that is what he will remain. I try very hard to get rid of him, but it's a small town. You do know that Trump has now legalized racism, blemish comedy (google translate) and stupidity? 

The rest are exes, far behind. Then, if you include all internetflirts, the list is endless. My mother called me fat today, I take that as proof that I have solved the Gordian knot regarding strategic communication. I admit my methods have been and are sometimes still a bit avantgarde. 

Well, now she interrupted me and we started talking about her new theory in quantum entaglement,  I was surprised to hear that she had given this theory away to Stephen Hawking in an email conversation. Hawkings daughter had replied and thanked her for this generous gift. After that Stephen had published a new portfolio of his latest discoverings and added her theory without referring to my mother. Outrageous behaviour coming from an insect pling (google translate with added reference to Trumps new law on blemish comedy). My mother is ok with this, or unaware like the father of Madonna's new adoptions of the consequences. Now she walks around pretending to be Goddess Frey. It could of course fall into the paradigm of  'funny coincidences', Stephen hopes. 

Back on topic. I'ts late and I said too much.


Let me just make it clear that all the realtionship talk is always purely hypothetical. 

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