Wednesday, March 22

Methods, methods, methods.....

...and topics, topics, topics.
So much to chose from. I have basically already decided to investigate how feminism expresses itself in environmental organisations. Already here the field is huge. How many organisations should I investigate and which ones? I'm not doing this because it interests me intellectually, I'm doing it out of necessity, because environmental issues are acute and need all the focus possible. Feminism because it's a "hot topic".  First I wqs thinking about going all the way in on discourseanalysis, because it in itself can involve many other methods. I haven't dismissed that idea yet, but am open to changes.

Well, well...other than that I have strained my left calf.  Mostly due to black magic or evil karma.

By Braus, Hermann - Anatomie des Menschen: ein Lehrbuch für Studierende und Ärzte, Public Domain,

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