Wednesday, March 15

I guess the weekend is over.

But soon comes another one. All work no play. No, seriously, I have been working, working out and thinking. Thinking is important. I'm leaning towards some sort of feminist studies, to at least use that approach on some investigation. I was considering going for a "how can feminists in collaboration with environmentalists reach global power?" As a hypothetic question to do research around. Maybe the core topic will crystallize itself if I start writing about that. I have a feeling where this is going. It could go to hell, but statistically it should hold. I have enough experience writing these kind of scientific essays. If I only can keep my imagination and creativity at a minimum. In order to do that I must have outher outlets for them, which I do, as you know. Painting mostly. But then again, at the beginning stages of a major work I doubt holding back is the best strategy, that comes in later in the process. Now, it's all about finding ideas and angles. A discourse ananlysis of media- and communication science from a feministic perspective?  Too bold? In order to do a discourse analysis of an entire scientific field on approximately 45 pages? ( The directive regarding the size of the study).  It's all about packaging really and to throw in all the right ingredients. I think it might work. It's the best idea so far anyway. Aside from the Buffy- analysis, but that seems a bit passé perhaps. It's easy to sneak in examples from Buffy in a feminist perspective though. This approach would be good in the aspect that I can summarize the field for myself and get a firmer grip of what I have to work with, what is most efficient and where more research is needed. Because it can't only be an egotrip, flaunting of skills and namedropping, it has to contribute to the scientific community aswell. Not only that, it should also solve all the world's problems in a jiffy. It's a mix of both ambition and responsibility with added personal flavour. See, I'm already writing the review. Well, let's hope no major distractions occur. That life flows smoothly for a while and that time to concentrate is plenty. 

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