Thursday, February 23

Time to start thinking.

About the big essay. What field, what topic and what angle? And why? I already did an essay on animal rights. I could continue on that path or go for the feminist agenda perhaps. Then I would have to order some more books on that particular topic, so it's also an economic issue. I've spent so much on books, but I see it as a solid investment. I regret ever going to library, I should have bought them all right from the start, because I will have to anyway. But ok, for many years I had a feline financial priority. Of course, it has to be media related. This semester we have studied television history and celebrity politics for example. Leonardo Di Caprio and Donald Trump were mentioned as examples in this area. I'm pretty sure two or three of my classmates will pick on of these, so I'm looking a bit further. It would be funny if nobody picked them, because they thought everybody else would. I'm considering Buffology. Just because. I'm binge watching the series for the third time now. First when it came to Sweden I suppose, then again when they aired the reruns and now on Netflix. It would be right up my alley.

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