Tuesday, February 21

Surreal Cartoon

The new version:

The old version: 

I think I managed to keep the feeling in the picture intact.  It goes well on the clocks, where it embodies the fear of running out of time. Time goes by so quickly. 

Yesterday he had been dead for ...12 years! Imagine that. Being dead for so long. Wonder how much of the spirit stays and what keeps them hanging around. 

This also made me think of the "knowing"- part. I wouldn't say that I know anything for sure, that would be pompous, allthough one can have a feeling of what feels right. Then again, who is to judge what is right and wrong? For example, I 'know' there is life after death, according to my feeling of what feels right to believe. To me death is just transformation, leaving this particular physical reality, or the body at least, to continue some kind of essential experience of existance on another plane/dimension/reality. Qantum physics backs up this belief too, so it's not so far out there, quite the contrary. To not believe in other dimensions is as naive as to belive Earth is the only planet with life on in the entire universe.

I think his website has been taken down now. I can't find it anymore. I should have copied all the poems he had written. Maybe I did, but have already forgotten where they are, on some dusty old cd perhaps. I remember parts of his poems though, and after what happened in Sweden 'last night' ( Friday) " I was just hungry, that's all.", comes to mind. Can you get aids from saliva? It's an unproven thesis according to Wikipedia. I kissed too many people and almost ate one.

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