Saturday, February 25


I can't wait for Netflix to show the new episodes. All I'm getting now are snippets from Youtube. This scene was very emotional to watch. I sobbed for almost an hour afterwards, then I watched it again and sobbed some more. You know that rewarding type of sobbing when the tears are plenty and come easily and all you have to do is go with it, when the mind stops questioning the feelings and you just feel them instead.  I don't know exactly why this scene triggered so much emotion, skilled producers perhaps, who know what buttons to push. Of course, for me there are private connotations that also evokes emotion. My crush on Thomas Jane for example, and the small likeness of the character Julie with myself. Well, we know people are cast mainly for their neutral appearance to facilitate the identification process. This meeting, however abstracted in this science fiction scenery, gives a feeling of authenticity due to Janes acting. The slow approach and the calm talking, the caring. I think that's the key to the emotional trigger, the caring. Miller seems to care about Julie, and he talks to her much like a father would talk to a child who's about to do something dangerous or stupid, talking her out of it. It's also emotional because she's not really alive as a human being anymore, but a recreation of what she used to be. Perhaps much like the after death experience, where she wakes up in a new reality and is greeted by a loved one, who tells her she can't go back home, that this is her new home, with him, whatever happens. We don't know what happens after that, if he manages to keep his word, or if some new evil forces will interfere, but it's terribly romantic. 

Well, now back to my real studies. 

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