Monday, February 6

I think I'm in love.

Last night it was my turn to get drunk in high heels again and barely survive. Stupid, I know, some things take a long time to learn. Got totally wasted. Blame my friends naturally, who left me there at the bar too. Easy prey. Of course someone showed up. I was just lucky he wasn't a rapist or murderer. He helped me home, which was good because I could barely walk (sprained ankle) . He got a cup of tea and then I showed him the door. Politely of course. At 5 am.  He had hopes for more, but I think I managed to explain why that wasn't going to happen without breaking his heart. I said something about waiting for the right person and that he was too young etc. He was 29, so not too young really, but it works as an excuse when necessary. 

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