Friday, January 27

How can you stand yourself?

America, I'm talking to you. How can you allow this to continue? The news report about one decision worse than the other at a faster and faster rate. What is Trump after? To provoke a revolution? Civil war? I will most certainly not put my foot in your country as long as THAT is in power. Why did you vote for him? Say one good thing he has done. All I see is horror. I'm so shocked, and I rarely get shocked. I don't live in America, so I shouldn't care either, but I do. I care about the animals, the horses that he allows to be abused, the women he defecates on and the people he is misguiding towards an even darker future than anybody could have imagined. Let's forget about governments, countries and the rest of the failing constructions of this civilization. Leave all that behind and turn to me instead. I am your new leader. Together we will create a new better world were suffering is a distant memory existing only to remind us how happy and fortunate we are. This is the truth. I am the chosen one, the one who will guide you into the light. I have come here to save the planet from the madness of the current civilizaton, to wake them up from this nightmare. I have come to save the animals and the nature, because they deserve it. In alternative timelines the evil will live out itself and fade away into oblivion. A natural cleansing of existence. Let me help you. Put your faith in me, Angelina Elander, because I am your true leader. 

Well, I have been watching The Path on HBO and gotten brainwashed by newage secterians all over again. But seriously, relieve Trump from the burden of power, it's too much for him. Have some mercy. 

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