Saturday, January 28

Death threat.

- Hello
- *giggling*

I hung up. They call again:

- Hello,
- *incoherent giggling and mumbling*
- Who is this?
- I'm sorry, I'm high.
- Ok.
- Oh, are you working?...or, do you have a job?
- Yes, I have a job.
- What's the name of your pet?
- Why should I tell you that? You haven't told me your name even.
- You sound like my psychologist.
- You have a psychologist?
- Yes, I have like fifty.
- Oh.
- What do you have in your freezer?
- Why are you asking that?
- Fishsticks. I'm going to kill your fishstick because he is so skinny.
- You're going to kill my fishstick?
- *giggles*

Then I hung up again.

So, hopefully this was just two drunk girls who had nothing better to do than make prank calls ( I heard another girl giggling in the back too). Or, it was more elaborate than that. I'm thinking someone paid her to call and told her what to say, but who and why? If we sbreak this down and analyze it word by word, what do we get? It's a threat. A death threat. Towards my "skinny fishstick". What is that, or who? The freezer could also mean the morgue. Well, my son is born in the sign of pisces and he is tall and somewhat skinny. It's a death threat towards my son. By whom? Someone who is high, on drugs. I have a few crazy stalkers who would fit that description. The thing about crazy stalkers is that they do anything to get your attention and cares not about that damage they are causing. Instead, they take pleasure from it.They could end up in jail for the rest of their lives, but still would be happy because they managed to make an impact, to hurt, that is what counts for them. Psychopaths.

If I would report this to the police, they would just laugh it off, just as they do with everything else. The number was hidden, so I don't know if there is way to trace it. Even if it can be traced, it could be a temporary number with no record of who bought it and where. Perhaps that could be traced too, but it would take diligence and dedication of the investigator.

So whoever you are, I'm coming after you. If it was joke, you better call again and apologize with your full name and number.

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