Friday, December 16

The spare parts.

I could always go back to this guy. He's my spare guy, the "if all else fails"- option. He's dating some KK ( Swedish for "friends with benefits") right now and feelings could have developed and I have a few other options too now: Thomas Jane ( he's the number one on my list at the moment) , Michal Szpak ( nothing wrong with being number two), after that the field is pretty loose. My strategi for attracting a partner this year have been a little unorthodox: celibacy. Based on the theory that my vagina by the power of deprivation would attract the right person. So far no luck in that area. Not saying that suggestions hasn't been brought forth, but they have also been rejected, by both me and my vagina. Thomas Jane is the oldest guy so far that I have been attracted to ( apart from random crushes on professors) , Ville Valo is according to internet information born in -76, ( but it could aswell be -67), so he's also pretty old. Normally I get attracted to guys in their 20's. I definitely skip the 30- something because it's the most boring age in a man's life. It's the whole procreation/carreer thing going on. Young guys don't care much about that yet and older guys have already done it.

Ps. Now my Finnish relatives will be all freaked out because I'm talking about Valo, because they live in the same city, I guess it's embarrassing for them, haha. 

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