Monday, December 26

Rogue One ( spoiler alert)

For Swedes only?


With characters named Liana Hallik and Bor Gullet one starts to wonder, and those are just the ones I remember right now. Of course, Erso Galen.

Again, Star Wars is talking to me, in my language aswell. Allthough I'm not a pimp ( all out of ho's) Where does the cutie live? You so crazy.

Saw Gerrera- Warsaw


Jedha- big fish
Eadu- yes, it's me
Scarif- ..oh..fiscar-fiskar-fishing in swedish

Edit dec 28: All points to eastereggs with fish. Carrie Fisher died shortly after I posted this. I hope she will haunt us all. I hope I get to play Leia in some future Star Wars movie.

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