Saturday, December 10

Pyjama party!

So hello guys! I'm having this flirt with Thomas Jane and I was starting to wonder if there was going to be a response, and here it is! Let's enjoy this for a while and let it sink in. I was planning a throrough analysis of course, Regarding its narrative aspects correlating to the glimpses of information regarding my personal traits and events that this person could have picked up on so far.
Let's be all sceintific about this. I seem to have landed this half clumsy middleaged Hollywood actor, witth thinning hairline who likes to play bad cop/homeboy.

To be continued of course. Sometimes I still hear my cat snoring behind me, or like today I heard the sound of a kitten in the kitchen. I used to call him my kitten when he was in playful mood:
- Who is this cute little kitten? Who let this kitten in the house?
Hopefully it was only my imagination playing me tricks and not a real kitten stuck there somewhere whithin the walls, I will keep listening for more meows.

After watching the video two times: one last night and one just a few hours ago, I have come to thos conclusion: ( btw, is it grammatically incorrect to use two semicolons in one sentence?) , he could call anytime. He seems desperate enough to be interested in someone  like me. I'm on my period though, otherwise this weekend would have been perfect. But sure, we can talk on the phone.

- You gotta keep'em at a distance at first, you can't just all let them in  at once, you know what I'm sayin'?

Ok, now I watched it a third time, and let's do this, let the analysis begin!

Elton John, why that choice of partner in crime?
Terri Hatchet kind of remind of me, but with more plastic surgery and anorectic tendensies. Am I too thin fo you? You like'm short and chubby? Nothing that a few cakes won't fix.

It's also a nagging that I should call my uncle and tell him rhat Ville died. That's how far into my private sphere this person has come. The yellow cat is Yoda.

And Terri Hatchet or whatver her name is, is an avatar, however graphically inocorrect of me. that has pooped in her pants. Who designed those shorts? What were they thinking? Desperate housewife, yes, I could play along with that stereotype..not.

Basically, I'm his "ghostwife", supernatural, surreal, something he has only dreamed of and never thought could be real. One always has to dig down deep into the psychological interpretations of the transmitter. I like to use telepathy as much as anybody. Imagined or real, it matters not,  Imagined is the cover for reality, just in case it gets scary. But I wasn't scared, just bored.

Melodramatic mood. "What did you expect"?, the Uma Thurman commercial? Ok, I think he's hot, for an old guy. Almost one year older.Perfect, as I told my son, and he's like:
- Start stalking him online.
And I'm like:
- Already did, started  mini-stalking him a while ago, after The Expanse, then saw some interwievs. He's been in a lot of films actually, that shark movie for example...?
- Deep Blue Sea?
- Yes,  that's the one, and he's got this comic book company too.
- He's your age.
- He seems perfect.
Repeat from top.

I like the all American soft suburban afternoon glow too, it's cosy. I'm in love! Then the embarrassment of "Hung". Haven't watched it yet, but it's on my "to do"- list.
The initials: TJ + EJ= tjej, which is a swedish word for girl, or girlfriend.  I guess I'm his girlfriend now. I don't really understand these online dating rules though, it's very confusing. It would be better if he could explain this in person instead.

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