Sunday, November 27

Ville is very sick.

I think he has gotten poisoned, possibly by glycol or ratpoison.  He was perfectly fine until about three months ago, then suddenly after that piece of shit was here for a visit ( just a few days before the assault), Ville got sick, started to lose weight and got diarrhéa frequently. First I though he had gotten infected by worms, which is usual for cats, since he was eating a lot still, so I gave him a worm-cure, but that didn't help much. He lost his appetite after that and started losing more weight and his general condition got steadily worse. I went with him to the vet last week, but that was also a downer, because it was a bad vet. Not all vets are good, you know. She had very thin hair, so perhaps she had also gotten assaulted by this pyschopat and turned into one herself. She also grabbed my pussy ( Ville in this case) very hard and was rude and unreasonable. Like she wanted to hurt me and didn't care about the cat at all. She hardly looked at the cat, only pinched him hard and grabbed him by the neck. Who does that? And a vet even? I was shocked.  Nobody grabs a cats by the neck but catmoms when the kittens are small. If you do that to an adult cat,  in this case elderly cat, it could get damaged for life. These are too many "funny coincidences" to be coincidences. But now he is so sick that there is no other option than to put him to sleep. Yesterday he was eating and drinking, but today he doesn't want to eat at all, and has lost control of his bowels.  It was the same the day after the vet, but I thought that was due to the abuse and stress he suffered there.

So congratulations psyhcopaths, you killed my cat, I hope you are very proud of yourself. What evil you have achieved in this life.

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