Saturday, November 19

The plan today:

Was to start with the school assignment (design a survey) , and I have thought about it, sneered at the books and seriously considered a field of research to apply a survey upon, but the thing is, nobody takes surveys anymore. The only reason people answer a survey is because they feel obligated to do so, out of fear mostly, thinking if they don't answer the survey from the healthcare central they will get a lesser quality treatment or if the survey is from the landlord, that they will get lesser service when needed. People could answer if they are promised a reward, but there is always a lottery function of some sort which ensures them that they won't get the reward, that it's only a scam to make them take the poll. So you understand my dilemma, it's a futile assignment.

To humour you ( not me of course, I did not take any pleasure in this myself)  have revised the: 

The original:

Two sculptures in bark. The one to the left contains an old fashioned calculating machine, an axe and a clay mask. The one to the right contains chopped up bodyparts in clay. Considering the clay this must have been made in the 90's artschool too. I have been very good at saving stuff, or at least photos of stuff. These actual sculptures where in the artexhibition "Meat" from 1994 (95?) and should exist somewhere up in northern Sweden , unless they have been tossed away by the enemy. 

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