Wednesday, November 9

I can tell you why this backfired.

Or at least offer my advanced guesses. Trump flirted with the white trash that hadn't been voting before, because they just didn't care anymore and Hillary hired the artist elite to engage them in voting. Well, they got engaged, but in the wrong way. All the wealthy artists performing for Hillary and telling poor people what do to ( vote!) had the effect of making the white trash suspicious. Why are they so eager to support Hillary? Well, the rich want to stay rich, they reasoned, and Hillary probably told them:
- If you want to stay rich you bitches, you better support me in the election, or you can wave goodbye to all of your fancy Hollywood mansions!
Making already very famous and wealthy people support you publically could easily backfire like this when you're addressing the poor. The artists, well, we don't know if they actually care, but they got some primetime mediacoverage and that was enough for them.
Then there is the theory that this election was rigged from the start ( of course, it's America we're talking about), and that Trump was a puppet with the function to make Hillary look better, but the more stupid things that came out of his mouth, the more the uneducated poor people could relate and they got even more engaged. There you go, America. I am so upset by this, not because I care, but because I predicted Hillary would become president some ten years ago. I have tried to locate that particual old blogpost, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack. I'm so sorry that I was wrong, or maybe she will run again? Maybe the votecount was fraudulent and there will be a re-election.
There is also the possibility of a more elaborate scam. The artist elite could have been a Trojan horse sent out by Trump ( or his party) to sabotage for Hillary. Then there is if course the misogynist conglomeration backing up Trump no matter what, because that's what guys do, they got eachothers backs:
- We can't have a woman for president, what would the muslims say?

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