Monday, October 10

You are afraid of me

That's why you are attacking, because you are afraid. What imaginary power have you granted me in order to justify this activity "for your own protection"?  To belittle yourself like this? Am I a rival? Did I steal your boy/girlfriend? Did I reveal your dirt to the public? Did I prove you wrong and hurt your pride? Whatever reason you have constructed is you own castle in the air. I'm just wondering what the almighty me is supposed to use you for. What nutrinional purpose do you serve? Are you a sturdy pasta, delicate cracker, caramel fudge or money in the bank? Status? Don't care for it. Life is short. Why are you wasting time on me? Do something constructive for yourself instead. Read a book and learn about how your methods have been analyzed and scrutinized long before you thought you invented them. The elaborate intrigues you think are cunning are nothing but a joke taken from an old Greek drama. When your life is over is that how you want to be remembered? "I grabbed her by the pussy and pulled out her hair." That easily bought? Who paid you? Reveal them.

Sculpture from 90's artschool. 

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