Monday, October 3

This is how it is

I reported to the police and went to the healthcarecentral to document the damages. Maybe the doctor knew someone who knew someone, because she claimed my scalp was indeed a "little red" but couldn't see any that any roots had been pulled out. Well, if my entire scalp is red, then why would it be that if the roots weren't damaged? You don't get a red scalp from a haircut for example. Maybe she is friends with his mom.

This person who did this is in cahoots with the stalker twins. Everybody knows who they are.

He had deliberately or accidentally sent me a message before we got back to his place after taking a tour around the block that night. "Home soon". Either he sent this to me by mistake ( because I was with him then, so why should he send it to me?)  when it was meant to someone else that was waiting there. There was an unknown car parked in the yard that I hadn't seen before. I was going to ask about it several times, but since he's a serial babbler he effectively avoided the subject.

When we were talking earlier before we went out, we heard a noise in the backyard and it was loud enough to not be ignored, even by him, so there definitely was someone else around. Maybe one of the stalker twins, his girlfriend or some other accomplice.

Or, more likely, he sent that message to me deliberately to make it look like I hadn't showed up yet. So that he could use that as "proof" that I never was there that night when the police questioned him after he had killed me.

When he first assaulted me we were in the bedroom, with curtains closed. After I broke free, or he let me go, into the hallway, where we both were visible from the kitchen window and the livingroom window, he spit me in the face, to provoke an attack. This he had planned would lead to a counter attack that would have been witnessed by the person in the car sneaking around in the backyard. This person would then confimed that I attacked him violently and he had to defend himself so much that he "accidentally" killed me.

He got this strategy from a local killer, from my neighbourhood actually, that had sent his victim textmessages after the murder to make everything appear like nothing had happend. The same strategy another killer, in a similar murder also used.

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