Sunday, October 9

The battle against evil

The battle against evil is eternal. I see little to no hope that the human species will survive. I'm sorry to tell you, but I think it's too late. We should separate ourselves from ourselves. Divide the human species into benevolent and evil catgories, with necessary sub- and in between categories of course. The most important thing is to keep the evil away from the benevolent and to protect the benevolent from the evil. The benevolent are the only ones accepted for survival. Not on this planet, but perhaps on another. This planet will soon be uninhabitable for humans, and animals sorry to say. Only if we evacuate the planet post haste will the animals have a chance to survive, and that is not possible. Perhaps if we got abducted by aliens who have the capacity to harbour a massive amount of cargo that could also provide the neccesary biosphere to meet our immediate needs.

But ok, I already hear your protests: what is good and what is evil? The ancient philosophical topic. Is there a higher purpose to "evil"? I'm sure there is, but we can't afford any lenghty introspection right now, the discussion is only a self-fulfilling waste of time. We simply leave the evil behind, on a desert planet or somewhere else in outer space where their survival in extremely limited. We can't leave them on Earth, because of the animals. It's them we must protect. They are innocent in this meaningless battle.

The tricky thing is of course to find a reliable method that can't be manipulated or tampered with that defines evil. A doomsday- machine indeed.
- No, sorry Bartholomew, the machine says you are evil, you can't be kept alive any longer...oops, I meant, you must go to planet Desertaria. It's wonderful there, you will have all the machineguns you can imagine and lots and lots of friends to play with, and nobody will ever tell you "no". How does that sound?
Bartholomew had stopped listening five hours ago, but caught a glimpse of the vision through his periferal hearing and was now enacting the killing of his friends with machinesguns on Desertaria.

Happy Sunday to you all. I'm just distracting myself from the boring chores of vacuuming and cleaning. I have however taken the almost frozen plants in from the balcony and given them some new mould. Is the mullet back? Is that the perfect hairdo for me now?

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