Thursday, October 27

So crazy.

Been working out like crazy, studying like crazy, working like crazy, all so crazy. New stuff all the time. New books to buy, and read. New job assignments. New moves on the dancefloor. Christmas is coming. People are buying the book, they are buying the prints on RedBubble and they are buying my time and advice at work. Maybe we can afford to see Star Wars again and eat too. I'm considering going vegan or vegetarian again. Was vegetarian for 11 years, then I went to USA and discovered Taco Bell and Wendys. The thing is, I'm allergic to gluten and beans, which would make it very difficult to be vegan. I'm seriously against the meat industry and all forms of animal abuse, animals kept in captivity and circus. I could never kill an animal myself for food. I wold keep feeding the animal and die of starvation myself instead. Ask my cat, he can vouch for that. He got his beefstick supply refilled today and I think it could be about time for a treat, but first a cup of tea.

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  1. Tried to stop you... And fast food totally sucks here now. Its changed. Its terribly disgusting now.
    Check out raw vegan recipes for a start. Wishing you the best