Friday, October 14


Yesterday I got a call from the police that the district attorney had decided not to prosecute against the offender. I called her up and asked why. She couldn't give me a good answer:
- I'm sorry, I can't recollect that case right now. I thought it was someone else calling. I'm in the middle of detention hearings and then I have more stuff to do.
I will call her back later, but you know how it is. Now she recognises my number and have perhaps even saved it so she can dodge the call. Who knows what terrors this person must go through. What an awful job. The offenders most likely threaten to kill her ( or offers bribes) all the time if she decides to press charges. Then the victims want to know why and she must lie.

She had two choices, since there was a word against word situation. She could believe the offender or she could believe the victim. The victim presented a coherent truthful story, with documents of doctor examinations, photos of the damages and bloodstained clothes. The offender lied through his teeth. She decided to believe the offender. There is absolutely no logic in this. This country has gone completely down the drain. Justice does not exist anymore. What happens when the justice system fail? We all know that, we have seen it before, in other countries aswell as here: people take justice in their own hands.

So what's the situation now? Well, since the offender is a raving mad psychopath with violent tendencies that could easily explode into extreme lethal violence, we have a potential very dangerous killer loose on the street. That is angry to have been reported for his actions too.

There you go society. Cheers to you. Will you come to my funeral?

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