Sunday, October 16

Marketing, marketing...

I have added a lot of new people on Twitter, Instagram and Tinder in order to stir up some activity in the sales department. I hope nobody gets offended by this. It's harmless marketing. I need to get my book out in the open, make people aware of its existence. Also to increase the printsales on Redbubble.

Instagram and Twitter are excellent platforms for this, since people already are into the game: everybody's doing it. Tinder...hmm, allthough I am semi-serious in my relationship seeking pursuit, and not looking for any one-nighters, I have gotten a huge response here from pressing that green little heart. I'm a little freaked by this. Statistically 10% of them are most likely insane, obsessive stalkers, dangerous psychopaths etc.

It occured to me today. I have just been happily marketing, and worrying about my hair. 

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