Tuesday, October 25

Gossip time!!!

What is this new tattoo? A jagular? It covers the old one...and well, it looks messy, a lion? 
It's a big cat, we can settle at that. Roar. And the news are full of insinuations of a break-up with that blonde bimbo. Finally, about time, she can't hog him forever. Seen untimely in Rome, maybe flirting with some other football player? Hmm? Mmm..sexy. Zlatan that is. Not "baboonlips".  I don't understand this trend btw, it looks awful, the baboonlips, and stupid. It makes you look stupid! Like my new bright red lipgloss. Bought it on sale for 15 SEK, about a dollar, more or less, and didn't think it would contain that much pigment, because of the price, but it did. I like lipgloss though, like to keep my lips moist. Now you know that too. Very important information this, all of it, all of this.


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