Saturday, October 1

About last night

An acqaintance of mine has issues with boundaries and tend to get physically aggresive when drunk. Last night he put on hardcore porn ( a woman getting fucked in the ass by two men at the same time) on highest volume so that neighbours and bypassers should interpret it as actual sexual intercourse is taking place in the house. Then he forced himself upon me, pulling my hair and grabbing my groin really hard, so hard that I had to scream from the pain. Again to create the illusion that we were having sex. I told him no several times, that it's not going to happen and got out of there. I don't want to get into a physical fight with someone who has no boundaries, because it would quickly escalate into a life and death struggle which means one person would not survive. He needs to be taught a lesson though, but I don't want to get my own hands dirty and risk anything. I will have to come up with something. A suitable revenge.

So now have some new bruises and a lot less hair.

I don't know what to do. Why are some people so stupid? It's not ok to blame the alcohol. I mean, what the hell gave him the idea that he had any right to touch my body at all? I have made this very clear for all the years I've known this person, but still he can't understand, or accept. This friendship is definitely over, permanently. I could go to the police and report the assault/attempted rape, but why bother? They would maybe take him in for questioning, or just call, and he would deny everything and they drop the case. If I report I could however use that to apply for money from the crime victim authority. 

Senseless mindless violence. He pulled out big chunks of my hair by the roots. There is no explanation for this.

He's the type of complete dangerous psychopath that could break into my apartment when I'm not home and torture my cat to death. That's how sick he is. He could also be planning to kill me. Since when I was in that first car incident, the one that was almost identical to the collision, I was going to meet him. So only he knew I was coming that way, and the people he told. The collision was right after school so whoever knew the schedule for that class could have passed the information on.

This is a nightmare.

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