Thursday, September 8

Got hit by a car today.

On this date in history I got engaged to an ex boyfriend in 1994 and it's also the date the infamous kindergarten killer had registered as his birthday on his Facebook profile ( or the person who created that profile) . What are the odds?  The guy who drove the car had a last name that ended with the same three letters that also the insurance guy had that handled the issue when I called up.
The ambulance came to the university ( don't know why) earlier then I saw the ambulance twice more today, passing by my window. What the hell is going on?

This is what happened:  I was biking home from the university and saw this car slowing down at the road that I had to pass in the middle of town ( a small piece of road that connected two bike trails). Since the car was driving slow I assumed it has seen me and was about to stop so I continued biking straight ahead. Then I saw that he wasn't stopping but instead drove right at me. I got hit to the ground. I managed to get up on my feet and grab my bike. I had to stand still for a while to feel if I was injured anywhere, but nothing was bleeding and I only felt slight pain in my leg and arm on the side the car had hit me. The shock makes you numb to the pain for a while, so I knew I had to wait before I got going again. I was shaking though, adrenaline rush. The guy gets out from his car after a while. Almost like he has sitting there thinking:
 - Should I hit her again or grab the gun and shoot her?

He approached me and I asked why he had hit me. He pointed in the direction I was coming from and said:
- I didn't see you.
I got the feeling he was lying and I wanted to get away from there as fast as possible. He inisisted that I took his name and number ( for insurance matters) and also offered me a drive home.
- I'm not getting in the car with the guy who almost just killed me.
I thought. He thought:
- If I get her in the car I can kill her there.
He was a contract killer. They had witnesses placed out in the surroundings to verify this "accident". I don't know who "they" are, yet. Two guys both wearing sunglasses approached me one by one, asking if they could assist. One of them, said to the guy who drove the car:
- Unfortunately it's your fault, since on this road bikes has priority of way, unfortunately.
"Unfortunately"? He repeated it twice.
They asked if I got scared. I said no, I got shocked, and angry. I had no time to get scared. This was a life threatening situation where I could possibly get attacked again and had to defend myself or flee.

The driver insisted I should call him in the evening to tell him how I was doing, so I did. Again, he described how he had in fact seen me from the side but that I came so fast that he didn't had the time to react. I'm supposed to be gullable here and believe that, since he was a senior white male ( the unwritten rules of society).

So basically, this was a failed murder attempt. One of many.
- Make it look like an accident. Whatever the outcome you can always claim it was a  "regular traffic accident", since we had witnesses placed out to confirm your story, but you only get paid if she dies.

He slowed down to make me believe it was safe,

Life, and the thoughts that follow. Trust no one. "Fun with trauma".

Just connecting the dots here. Be careful out there in the traffic.

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